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Sanitary Physicians of the Bishkek City SES Center check municipal and private motor transport enterprises on a daily basis

Sanitary Physicians of Bishkek City SES Center check municipal and private motor transport enterprises on a daily basis. All motor transport enterprises have been issued sanitary instructions "On Strengthening Sanitary and Epidemiological Measures for Prevention of ARI, Influenza, including Coronavirus". 

Over 1700 drivers work on different route lines of Bishkek daily.  Prior to the work, every driver is checked and interviewed at the licensed Narcology units; temperature, availability and staffing of first aid kits are checked.

The Bishkek passenger motor transport company and Bishkek trolleybus department have sufficient amount of disinfectants; before starting the work on the route line, wet cleaning is carried out in trolleybuses and buses.

For the purpose of coronavirus infection prevention, the following activities were implemented by the Bishkek City SES Center: 252 seminars (covering 6545 people), 312 radio lectures , 7447 leaflets, 250 posters, 10 000 flyers and 5000 leaflets (reminders for the people, arriving from or departing to the affected countries)  were distributed to health care organizations of the city.