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The Ministry of Health's information campaign on prevention of coronavirus covers 931 secondary schools of the republic

The Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic continues to conduct the informational-educational public awareness campaign on prevention of infectious diseases, including coronavirus.

The specialists from the Health Promotion units together with Family Medicine Centers’ physicians in the regions talk about preventive measures for acute respiratory viral infections, influenza and coronavirus.

According to the Republican Center for Health Promotion and Mass Communication (RHP&MC), 931 secondary schools and 121 higher education institutions and professional lyceums are covered by the information campaign on coronavirus prevention. In addition, the RHP&MC specialists conducted trainings on coronavirus prevention in 271 organizations, ministries and departments of the country, providing information to the total of 7071 government officials.

In 603 villages of the country, the volunteers of Village Health Committees carried out outreach work by visiting the households, informing people at bus stations, railway station, trolleybus department, large markets in Bishkek City.