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Gift for life!

On the eve of the New Year, the “Help the Children –SKD” Foundation purchased costly life-saving medication, Cyclosporine A, for a total amount of KGS 725 000, for the Hematology Unit of the National Center for Maternal and Child Health. The medication is needed to treat children diagnosed with aplastic anemia. This became possible through a charity masquerade ball held earlier together with Bishkek International Women’s Club.

The “Help the Children – SKD” Charity Foundation has repeatedly helped and continues to provide large-scope assistance to various units of the NCMCH, meeting their needs in medications.

“On behalf of the Ministry of Health and from myself personally, I would like to thank the foundation for the support provided. The best gift and gratitude are the children’s smiles,” noted the Deputy Minister of Health, Madamin Karataev.

The Foundation’s President, Elena Koneva, said that miracles do not end there and 120 children in three hospitals will receive personal gifts for the New Year.

For information:

Aplastic anemia is a blood system disorder that leads to a decrease in all indicators: hemoglobin, platelets, etc. The primary treatment for the diseases consists of the transfusion of different blood preparations, however, a complete treatment requires using Cyclosporine A or transplanting bone marrow. Without prompt treatment, the disorder can lead to life-threatening conditions – brain hemorrhages, blood clotting disorders, and may even result in death.