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The Republican Reference Laboratory is getting ready for temporary re-profiling for COVID-19 testing

Following the KR MOH Order, the Republican reference laboratory is getting ready for temporary re-profiling for COVID-19 testing. The laboratory has the PCR equipment installed and as soon the reagents arrive the Lab will immediately start testing the biomaterial samples for coronavirus.

In the meantime the Lab staff have already joined the large army of health workers on the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus. Five experienced laboratory staff were seconded to the laboratory of the National SES Center/Department and two - to the south of the country to provide the support to their colleagues.

All the staff of the Republican reference laboratory, who, due to their profession, will have direct contact with hazardous biomaterials, have received appropriate training to ensure all biosafety measures to be protected from infections. According to the laboratory’s management, the staff had been well trained under the USAID TB projects before. The practical skills acquired then should help now in combating Coronavirus.