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Changes are entered into the Algorithm of Actions

The Algorithm of actions of the relevant state bodies has been altered in the Kyrgyz Republic to strengthen anti-epidemiological and quarantine measures.

According to this Algorithm, all the KR citizens, arriving from countries with reported coronavirus infection cases, will be divided into two categories.

These changes by category shall come into force for the citizens, entering the KR territory starting from March 19, 2020.

The list of countries can be changed in agreement with the KR Ministry of Foreign Affairs subject to the development of the epidemiological situation in the world.

The following countries make the I Category of countries: China, Italy, Iran, Spain, Republic of Korea, Germany, France, USA, Switzerland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Belgium and Denmark.

So, the Kyrgyz citizens, arriving from the Category I countries, including by transit, shall be subject to 14 day observation in the specially designated facilities. This category includes all citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic: holders of ID cards, ordinary, official and diplomatic passports.

All the KR citizens, arriving from the above countries, are obliged to strictly follow the instructions of the border service, sanitary-quarantine points at the borders and law enforcement agencies.

In case of refusal to go through the procedures and violations of the observation conditions, described in the Algorithm of actions, measures will be applied in accordance with the KR legislation, as this person endanger the health of the population of the country.

The II Category includes all countries where coronavirus is detected/found.

All the KR citizens, who arrived, including by transit, from II Category countries, shall be subject to home-based quarantine for the period of 14 days.

A person who violates the conditions of home quarantine shall be liable in accordance with the KR legislation.

People, who visited, including by transit, the states of the I and II Category, should call a doctor or call ambulance at 103 in case of development of symptoms of influenza, SARI or coronavirus. They should not visit the clinic or hospital themselves!

During 14 days (during home-based quarantine), health workers will contact these citizens by phone on a daily basis to check their health condition.