Kyrgyzstan - one of the first CIS countries to start performing laboratory tests for coronavirus detection in travelers, coming from China

“Kyrgyzstan is one of the first countries in Central Asia and CIS to begin performing laboratory tests to detect coronavirus in all travelers coming from China”, reported the Republican Stab (Command or Task Force) on preventing the entry and further spread of coronavirus infection in the KR.

This measure was introduced given the unfavorable epidemiological situation in the  neighboring countries and globally.

There is no reason not to trust laboratory tests. Laboratories in Bishkek and Osh are accredited by international standards and by WHO.

These laboratories are included in the single Register of accredited laboratories of the Eurasian Economic Union, they annually pass external quality control by international Accreditation centers for compliance.

The laboratory specialists are trained on continuous basis at the laboratories of the European countries and EAEU; the staff has the status of trainers who are involved in training and evaluating the activities of laboratory specialists not only in the Kyrgyz Republic, but also in the CIS and Europe.

All laboratories are fully equipped and there are supplies for further checkups of all visitors from countries with the unfavorable epidemiological situation.

In case of detection of new coronavirus case, with the WHO support, the KR laboratories have the opportunity to refer samples to laboratories in UK and Netherlands for verification and final diagnosis.

In addition to the available capacity of the country's laboratories, the Kyrgyz health workers also received special test systems from their Russian and Turkish colleagues for detecting the new 2019-nСov coronavirus.

These test systems detect the new coronavirus in humans, the results can be available in 5-6 hours, WHO confirms their reliability. We would like to note that the tests are registered by the “Rospotrebnadzor”.

All the tests of the swabs from the upper respiratory tract came as negative. There are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in the republic.